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Business Objectives

Our Values and Objectives

Since 1974 SIERROS BROS S.A. has as its main priority to satisfy its customers. For the company this means:

- respect to the customer

- timely response

- effective service of machines

- professional advice

- high-quality products and product support

- disposal of a wide product range.

Respect to the customer

Every old and new customer of SIERROS BROS S.A. is a special customer for the company. The personal contact with our customers is an inextricable part of our everyday activities since 1974. We put every effort to understand the needs of our customers and to act to their benefit. We know that this is the only way to maintain a long lasting and trustful relationship with them.

Timely response

SIERROS BROS S.A. never stops improving its internal processes so that everyday our services become even better. The result of this continuous improvement is a well-organised system that has the capability to respond on time to the needs of our customers.

Effective service of machines

SIERROS BROS S.A. has always been supporting its technical staff’s education since its first years of operation. By attending training programmes within the company and in several countries in the world, such as Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain and China, the company’s technical staff is specialised in all types of machinery that we provide. Thus, we are capable of effectively detecting and repairing any malfunctions of the products we trade.

Professional advice

Our 43-years-old experience in the field of industrial sewing in combination with our continuous research on the new systems and technologies existing in the worldwide market makes SIERROS BROS S.A. the best advisor for the manager of a production unit. For our customers who want to start a new production unit or for those who want to improve their existing one, we have the know-how and all necessary information available to give them the most complete advice. When the advice has to be focused on the purchase of new equipment, it is experienced people with deep technical and production knowledge who will suggest the most appropriate alternatives since SIERROS BROS S.A. does not sell through hired salesmen.

High-quality products and product support

The manufacturers of industrial equipment that can be applied in the production units of our customers are thousands in the world market. Though, SIERROS BROS S.A. has always collaborated with manufacturers who provide products and after-sales services of high-quality. Thus, we can ensure that our products are operating in a faultless way and the appropriate support is available if necessary in case a product has to be repaired. We believe in the good quality of our products, and hence we offer for free an extended guaranty period in relation to the one defined by the manufacturer. Disposal of a wide product range SIERROS BROS S.A. is systematically researching the worldwide market to import high-quality products that satisfy most applications in all types of production. By visiting international exhibitions, we are aware of all modern systems that exist for common and special applications and we select the best for our customers.

                                                                                                                               The Objectives

The business objectives of SIERROS BROS S.A. for the next years are to keep on:

- providing the top-quality products of the worldwide market

- improving the quality of our services and develop new ones in order to increase our customers’ satisfaction

- increasing our range of products in order to be capable to offer even more solutions

- providing the latest technology to boost our customers’ production.