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In SIERROS BROS S.A. we know that the good and non-stop function of a business’s professional equipment is of great importance for the achievement of the business's objectives. For this reason we are supporting our customers from the point of their equipment’s selection and purchase to its maintenance and service. Taking advantage of our long experience in the sewing industry we have developed Consulting Services to assist our customers set up their new production unit or to improve their current one. We support our customers' production through our fully organised Technical Department with trained personnel capable of dealing with our customers' Equipment Maintenance and Service. Since the first years of the company's operation we have proven to our customers that the technical staff of SIERROS BROS S.A. is the most appropriate to identify and repair most technical problems that cause the malfunction of the equipment we sell.

Services Equipment Maintenance and Service

Experience has it... machines break down. The cause may be either a human error or a component’s failure. The former is the most common while the latter may occur either during the first hours of a machine’s operation, or later as a result of inappropriate operating conditions or the age of the machine.

In SIERROS BROS S.A. we extent the guaranty period that is originally provided by the manufacturers of the machinery to protect our customers against failures during the first stages of a machine’s life-cycle*. Furthermore, we educate our customers’ operators during the installation of new machinery to help them avoid human errors and inappropriate operating conditions. Finally, we inform our customers on how the machinery has to be maintained during its life-cycle to reduce the problems that will occur later due to aging (link Mini Guide).

*ask for the Guarantee Terms and Conditions for more details.

Though, machines still break down. Therefore, the Technical Department of SIERROS BROS S.A. has fully qualified technicians who are capable of identifying the cause of any failure and restore our customers’ machinery to its normal operation. Their job is supported by a complete stock of spare parts while the service of the machines takes place in our fully equipped workshop unless this is not feasible.

Consulting Services

Our Consulting Services include the following consulting packages.

1. Design of new production lines

2. Improvement of existing production line

3. Expansion of existing production unit

4. Provision of integrated solutions in specific areas

5. Business development