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There are two different but directly connected companies with the brand name SIERROS BROS: SIERROS BROS S.A., SIERROS BROS Ltd.

These companies are run by the same people and under the same procedures in the facility in Athens. SIERROS BROS Ltd. is the company that deals with spare parts, consumables and additional devices.

Thus, all companies consist of the following departments.

Sales and Customer Support Department

The manager of the Sales and Customer Support Department is responsible for the proposal of solutions according to the needs of the customers and for the availability of products in the warehouse. As a result, the customers are fully informed about alternative solutions while the company has a big variety of equipment and products ready to be delivered.

Financial Department

The financial department is responsible for the finance of the company and cooperates with the Sales Department to assure that the lowest prices are being offered by the company.

Technical Department

The manager of the Technical Department is responsible for the setup of the equipment in the production units and the after-sales customer service. The latter involves the provision of solutions to problems that may have occurred to the equipment sold by the company and the service and maintenance of this equipment. All employees in the Technical Department are experienced and continuously educated on the state-of-the-art technologies.

Quality and Development Department

The manager of the Quality and Development Department is responsible for the quality assurance within the company so that all processes comply with the standard that has been adopted to achieve the sound function of the business. Also, the manager of this department is responsible for all procedures that involve the development of the company such as the recruitment of qualified members and the alignment of the daily processes with the strategic objectives of the company.

All departments cooperate firmly with each other in order to achieve the business objectives.

When a consultancy project is to be run for a customer, the most appropriate and experienced people from the aforementioned departments are selected depending on the nature of the customer’s production.