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Our suppliers

During its 30 years of operation, SIERROS BROS S.A. has been supplying the Greek and East-European market with the best machinery in the world. Mutual support between SIERROS BROS S.A. and its suppliers is the most important factor that leads to our customers getting products and services of high quality.
We will keep on collaborating with the best manufacturers in the world to support our customers' businesses in the most efficient way.

        SIERROS BROS S.A. is agent of DÜRKOPP ADLER AG in Greece. DÜRKOPP ADLER AG is the German leading manufacturer of industrial sewing equipment. It develops state-of-the-art technology to provide innovative machinery of great quality, reliability, speed and flexibility. The DÜRKOPP ADLER AG technology in combination with the customer service of SIERROS BROS S.A. is what a production unit needs to achieve the objectives set in the most effective way.

SIERROS BROS S.A. is the exclusive agent of TYPICAL in Greece, Cyprus and East-European countries. TYPICAL is the biggest manufacturer of industrial sewing and embroidery equipment in the world since it produces 50.000 machines per month. Based on high technology and quality control of its products, TYPICAL provides machinery of guaranteed reliability. TYPICAL and SIERROS BROS S.A. is the collaboration that results in high-quality machines with low prices.  

     SIERROS BROS S.A. is the exclusive agent of MATIC in Greece. MATIC is a supplier of specialised machinery for awnings, curtains, cutting tables for PVC, and blind-rollers.

Ironing tables, steam generators, electric & electronic irons, fusing & transfer presses, cleaning cabins, and accessories. 

   Special sewing machines for knitwear and underwear.

 Blindstitch machines of top quality.  

  Sewing machines for carpets and fringes.

   Ironing equipment specialised in shirts.

 Machinery and work-stations for bags and heavy bags, mainly for agricultural applications.

   Electronic motors.


  High-quality cutting machines.


Industrial sewing machines since 1974
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  Supporting your business with solutions

SIERROS BROS S.A. in The European Dealer Meeting organised by DÜRKOPP-ADLER in Bielefeld.

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